Copper clad aluminum magnesium wire ( CCAM wire )

Diameter Specification: 0.12 mm – 8.00 mm
Product Description:
Copper clad aluminium magnesium wire, commonly abbreviated as CCAM wire, Our CCAM wire used the most advanced welding and copper plating process to produce, copper layer used 99.99% pure copper with high density and better conductivity, and ours metallurgical bonding technique assures that the copper cladding is evenly distributed around the Aluminum magnesium coil along the wire for excellent concentricity, Mechanical properties accord with US ASTM B566-93 Standard.

Product Description

Our company developed the second generation of CCAM wire is made of high strength of aluminum magnesium core, copper layer is made of 99.99% pure copper, light weight but boasts higher intensity of 180-250 Mpa, and the density is only 2.85 g/cm³, the second generation CCAM is 30% longer than its first generation CCAM competitor of the same weight. Buyer can take 30% cost reduction of using ours second generation CCAM wire, at the same time overcome the low-intensity antecedent that breaks easily.

High-frequency signal transmission
1. The preferred cable TV coaxial cable conductor material;
2. 50Ω RF cable conductor material;
3. Telephone lines, electronic wire, computer printing line, network cable, USB and other data cables;
4. Micro coaxial cable inner conductor material;
5. Audio and video cable;
6. Power transmission;
7. Power cable conductor material;
8. Control cable inner conductor;
9. Cars, locomotives dedicated cable inner conductor;
10. Architectural the cloth wire conductor material;

Normal Packing:
Bobbin size: DIN 130, DIN 160, DIN 185, DIN 200, DIN250, DIN 400, DIN 500, DIN630, DIN 780;

Product Parameter

Technical Characteristics Clad type Plated type
15H 15A Hard (H) Anneal (A)
Size range (mm) 0.12 – 8.00 0.12 – 8.00 0.12 – 8.00 0.12 – 8.00
Copper content (%) by weight 36 – 40 36 – 40 6 – 15 6 – 15
Conductivity (%) at 20°C 55 55 35 – 43 35 – 43
DC Resistivity (Ω.mm²/m) 0.03085 0.03085 0.04718 0.04718
Tensile strength (Mpa) ≥ 220 ≥ 160 ≥ 250 ≥ 180
Elongation (%) ≥ 1 ≥ 8 ≥ 1 ≥ 8
Density (g/cm³) 3.63 3.63 2.85 2.85
Noted: Products can be customized according to special requirements.

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Q1: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?
A1: We are manufacturer.

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A2: Yes, we can customize products as your requirements.

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