Copper Clad Steel Wire ( CCS wire )

Diameter Specification: 0.08 mm – 25.00 mm
Product Description:
CCS wire is formed through electroplating method (taking steel wire as the core and depositing the copper layer evenly on the surface of the steel core) and cladding method (Cladding planished copper stripe concentrically on the outer surface of the steel core).
We can supply products with various conductivity and tensile strength upon the requirement of customers.


Product Description

As a composite material,the copper clad steel wire has the combined advantages of both copper wire and steel wire, namely the conductivity of copper wire and the strength of steel wire. Moreover,it has 3 to 4 times the strength of pure copper wire and 3 to 5 times the conductivity of steel wire. It is being widely used as a new generation communication lines and power transission cables.

1. Anti-corrosion. As the copper clad steel wire has a steel core with a uniform copper coating, it is highly resistant to corrosion in air. If the wire is of large diameter and is used as aerial line, bare wire can be used without PVC covered.
2. Small signal transmission decay. There is skin effect in the transmission of high frequency communication signal. The electric signal is transmission signal. The electric signal is transmitted in the outer copper layer. The transmission decay of copper clad steel wire is as small as pure copper wire. 50% to 70% copper can be saved using copper clad steel wire instead of pure copper wire.
3. High strength and low density. Since the steel core can enhance the strength of copper clad steel wire, and the density of steel is lower than that of copper, the size of suspension steel wire can be reduced by using copper clad steel wire as aerial line.

1. UTP cable( Unshielded Twisted Pair Cable)
2. CATV cable
3. Hookup communication wires
4. Indoor Telephone Line
5. The output lead wires & connecting lines of electronic devices
6. The power transmission cable for electric railway
7. Railway connection lines
8. Military field cables
9. Special electronic devices

Normal Packing :
Bobbin size: DIN 100, DIN 130, DIN 180, DIN 250, DIN 400, DIN500, DIN630, DIN800;

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Q1: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?
A1: We are manufacturer.

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A2: Yes, we can customize products as your requirements.

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